Mga Pinaglumaan na Mga Sonnet

Third year high school ako noong sinubukan kong sumulat ng tula. Dahil sa galing ng Prof ko mag-discuss ng sonnet, naisipan ko rin gumawa ng isa. di ko na malayan, ang isang yon ay dumami. Pero habang sumusulat ako, na realize ko na mas komportable ako sa Filipino at mas marami akong masasabi gamit ang free verse. Matagal na rin nang huli akong nakasulat ng sonnet. Hindi naman big deal. Hindi ko naman kasi nakitaan ng ‘value’ ang mga sonnets ko. Nagsisimula pa lang ako kaya madalas kinopya ko lang ang mga aydeya ng ibang manunulat, partikular ang mula sa mga kanta.

Sonnet 45

Well, it doesn’t matter the way you look.
Just be dynamic when telling stories.
Be dramatic, say things out of the book.
Do fooling acts, for sure you’ll win her eyes.
Don’t be a Stoic, it’d be a distress,
You mus always be there, you must perceive
She is envied, prone to receive much stress
When all seems to go wrong, teach her to Believe.
Above all, don’t love her to have her love
In return, but show her she’s deserving
Of that one rare chance, she thinks she’ll never have
Also something she can’t stand me doing.
I’ll carry on now, you’ll do finely
Go and keep her safe, lover after me.

(September 20 2009)

*ang idea ng sonnet na to ay kinuha ko sa kantang “Lover After Me” ng Savage Garden, halata naman.

Sonnet 46

“Be quiet! And please gently close that door”
We entered her room, books and things in place.
Sat by her side and did what I came for,
(Dim moonlight the window shine her face)
“What is that?,” he asked. “Poetry” I said.
Written on paper: become who you are,
Believe, keep that smile. “Funny how it led
To this,” my friend comments as I watch her.
“Yes, I had my laugh.” “She didn’t mean it.”
“I was never mad. Anyone can say that.”
“You and your misplaced pride, it doesn’t fit.”
“For now. She will never share the dreams I got.
I trust her. No one’s for anyone to keep.
It’s better I look over only in her sleep.”

(December 24 2009)
*ang idea naman para sa sonnet na to ay mula sa kantang “I Swear This Time I Mean It” ng bandang Mayday Parade

Sonnet 40

They say Poets can’t dance, I say otherwise.
You should learn from the girl I once knew.
I forgot my stand, once I met her eyes.
As if no one else is in the room but us two.
She placed her hand on my shoulder and mine
On her back. Then our fingers intertwined.
As the music played, we moved, forgetting Time.
I held her: someone I’ve been trying to find.
I was so glad while we waltzed thru.
Then she stepped on my foot on the best part.
Did it many times, on purpose. She didn’t knew
I wasn’t dancing with my feet but with my heart.
Now the music’s gone and though it’ll hurt then
I’d still wish to share that dance with her again

*ito ang pinaka interesante sa lahat, kinuha ko ang idea para sa sonnet na to mula sa kantang “Careless Whisper”

Medyo nakakalibang din basahin ang mga lumang tula. Para na rin silang mga indikasyon kung gano kalaki ang binago mo bilang manunulat, minsan kung gano kakonti…


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