Reasons for Dancing

The hall appears to be a
savage garden where flowers
like us try to outdo each
other in movements of
expression. Then the music
toned down where only slow
dancing of lovers would
coincide with the lights:
I asked for your hand
and dragged you into the center.
While playing with the shades,
you said, “Why are you
dancing with me?” I got tempted
to tell you the reasons for dancing:
like people dance not to dance
but to meet other dancers
or that dance is an important
art form having various functions
in the past other than recreation.
I was trying to be a poet,
arranging the words ‘having your
steps parallel to mine is like
seeing the stars for the first time’
but the moment demanded me simply
to reply, “ Because I wanted to.”
Certain that the brightest bloom
is between us.


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