Oplan Team Yupihay All-Stars

k, sa sabado na ang Tiruhay (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169546803123149)

• 2000 registration per team (five members), 5 Php per bullet.
• sa Miag-ao ang venue, Saturday whole day, Sunday morning
• ma overnight ta sa sabado, gna contact ko na friends ko nga ga stay sa mga boarding houses, kung may rooms nga for transient people lang, and kung tag-pila, update ta lang kmo ASAP.

Team Members:
• Ben,
• Jo,
• Daryne,
• Paolo,
• yours truly,
• Van
• kung ndi ka abot c Daryne kag Paolo, kulang man ta gyapon isa


• Iloilo City to Miag-ao {jeep, one hour travel time} = 35Php (Back and Fort 70 Php)

• Mohon to Miag-ao {jeep} = 30 Php (Back and Fort 60 Php)

• Dorm Area(Venue) to AS or Banwa {Tricycle}= 8 Php

• Food{lunch, dinner, breakfast} = appox 40 Php each, (depende sa lugay nyo, also with the snacks) total of 120 Php

• Lodging = to be announced

• Registration (2k) = 400 Php each

• Bullets (5 Php each) = 100 Php (20 pcs per game, depending on one’s preference), last time naka four rounds kita so that’s 400 Php

• Tentative Total =1100, wala pa lodging, tangina this might be our most expensive weekend so far


• Daryne, lisinsya na, sbng pa lang, indi night before, but as soon as you read this

• Ben, contact c Paolo kung ano status ya

• Jo, hold lang anay si nong PJ, preferably batch mate ta ang team members, don’t get too excited


• official photographer ta is ms. Regine Eclarino, pwo mangita pa gd ko friends ko, also bring cameras kung pwede, the more the better.

• ang grand prize is 5000 pesos, we need to win para ma bawi ta capital ta, game?

• dapat by wednesday, ma finalize ta na ni, team members and lodging.


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