colors of your voice

My friend’s face
turned grey as he
advised me to stop
creating reason to talk
to you because I could
never count every
strand of sunlight
but I found your blue
haven, and I will
dwell there, right
between purple afternoons
to gather the
colors of your voice
then arrange them in
my white palm and hurl
my work to the sky when
everyone’s asleep , so
that a poet staying up
to fix the universe
could hear from his window
a brief red sunrise
during a


One thought on “colors of your voice

  1. If I am being honest, “colors of your voice” seemed like a bit of a cliche title, which I would normally skip over on the tag page. However, “my friends face turned grey” interested me enough to click on it and I am so glad I did. The piece is far from cliche. It is beautiful and creative and I really love it. I might suggest renaming it to something more simple, like “color” – but I didn’t write it, so what do I know? Nice work!

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