The Dreamers

A petition is a poem, a poem is a petition.
-Théo from The Dreamers (Bernardo Bertolucci, 2003)

Must poems always have flowers?
whose life and petals represent some
higher cause only man can taste
if he takes effort in a poet’s verses;
words that must be recited but not spoken,
must be experienced but not comprehended.

Can I only talk about suffering but
not exploitation, despair but not alienation,
death in the night but not violence in the streets?
When the three dimensional moving pictures
get tired telling tales of the Apocalypse
and her permutations, the true villains
will be the noble writer of poems and
his music made by waves, whispers uttered
by pain, and cries of his flowers beneath the rain.

It all begins when he accepts his mentor’s
advise that ambiguity is valued as talent,
appreciation need not go beyond
the halls of the university (humanities
department actually), and that
the zenith of his craft is attained
when he can write a new refreshing
poem about poetry
(not necessarily in his native tongue).


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