Occupy the Multiplex: Class Warfare in This Summer’s Movies


Moviegoers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Doesn’t the movie theater seem a little Marx-ish lately? Tales of class struggle abound this summer. At the current multiplex, you might choose from The Purge (about a future dystopia where class warfare breaks out on the one night of the year when crime goes unpunished), The East (about an agent who infiltrates a group of anticorporate saboteurs and comes to sympathize with their cause), Now You See Me (a group of magicians who stage Robin Hood–style robberies), The Bling Ring (a true story in which the haves steal from the have-mores) and This Is the End (in which Seth Rogen, James Franco, and other pampered stars — playing more fatuous versions of themselves — discover that wealth and fame offer no protection from the apocalypse and the pits of hell). They’ll be joined in August by

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