Storming the Streets

July 22 2013

The entire city is begging to
have its siesta but heat is
being released from concrete,
sweat giving students and
employees a longing for a second bath,
but still people gathered with their flags
ready again to storm the streets.
The farmer’s child is reminded to
stay close to his mother, not to be
intimidated by the cameras, and be
patient with the dust and smoke,
as their young allies from university halls,
not satisfied with ranting in
front of computer screens,
choose which placard to hold,
one on human rights or environmental
degradation? The group marches and
gets showered with stares, silent but
equally disturbing as their shouts.
While the program unfolds, stranded
commuters protecting their faces from
the flying ashes of the burning caricature
cannot resist but ask, “What do you get
out of this?” Convention would say that
obedience best express love but we beg
to disagree, our militant cries are terms
of endearment, making sure that the
kings and queens of hill don’t believe
the statistics they preach.


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