Parents and Activists

North Fort

Parents and Activists
Renato Constantino
GRAPHIC, April 28, 1971

Graduation has been aptly called a commencement. It is on the conventional sense a commencement of adult responsibility for the young. For their parents, it is the climax of years of anxious waiting and of sacrifices. But, if both want to invest it with deeper significance, a commencement should mark the beginning of understanding and of partnership with the young in patriotic involvement.

We live in a period of turbulence, of instability and of change. A decaying society leaves in its wake many dislocations, many confusions and rising tensions. These dislocations and tensions have been dramatically projected by the activism of militant youth.

All at once parents are seized with paroxysms of fear; many in an excess of protectiveness, have sought to isolate their young from activist fever, while others have reacted with anger and despair. The result is a growing…

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