RATIONALIZING PHILIPPINE HIGHER EDUCATION FOR GLOBAL CAPITALISM: HOW K+12 AS A SOLUTION BECAME THE PROBLLEM Statement of Congress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy, UP Diliman on the Impact of K+12 and Reform of Higher Education on National Language and Educational Workers


budget cut Parroting the mantra of the Aquino Administration of blaming the past Administration for its inherited problems and boasting its commitment to change everything, according to CHED: “The Aquino Administration inherited a chaotic higher education system characterized by too many higher education institutions and programs, job-skills mismatch, oversubscribed and undersubscribed programs, deteriorating quality, and limited access to quality higher education.” CHED Strategic Plan for 2011 to 2016 lays down the basic problems of higher education as: “lack of overall vision, framework and plan; deteriorating quality of higher education; and limited access to quality higher education.” It did not cross the mind of CHED that the “lack of overall vision, framework, and pan” is a chimera of the underlying neoliberal agenda that already informs the existing mission and vision of Philippine higher education. The neoliberal thrust of CHED to reform higher education is betrayed in one of its goals: to contribute to…

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