Getting Lucky and Finding Great Books From Thrift Stores

I’m new to Canada.

I love books.

I figured the best way to familiarize myself to the territory is to check out the used bookstores nearby (in some cases not so nearby). So far I’m very impressed. I got books I never dreamed of getting hold of in used bookstores in the Philippines.

When my aunt noticed that I’ve been to all the used bookstores in the city (around 4 in Hamilton), she suggested I go to Value Village. I went there and my jaws dropped. Now familiar how thrift stores work, I also dropped by Salvation Army on the way home. Again. Bookworm jaws dropped.

The selections are not as ‘specialized’ in used bookstore but one could get lucky.

Sometimes, really lucky.

I bought books I’ve been looking for in other used bookstores; Lu Xun, Eduardo Galeano, etc. Bought books available in used bookstores, but are relatively more expensive; Ian McEwan, Vladimir Nabokov, etc. Even got a Terry Eagleton! (and other academic books that would cost more in used bookstores.


Not saying thrift stores are better than used bookstores. More sources, the better!


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