Making the Headlines

A Filipina made it
to the headlines
today, but not one of those
talented and dispossessed
in contests that
make news about news
inciting pride and

This one is
a nanny who
moonlights as
a prostitute,
she was burned in
a hotel room
by a too pervert
a client.
Indian, Arab, no
one can remember
as each paper was
thrown candidly
by compatriots
nauseate with shame,
Joking that they are
after all hard workers.

A permutation
of identity
no one can showcase
or be used in
a parade,
not dangling mark
but like an itch
beneath the skin;
interrupting your
work in the day,
waking you up at night.

Subjects are
changed in gatherings
after everyone has
ran out of remarks,
as leaves turn orange,
red, and yellow
like clockwork.

a family
across the ocean
prepares for a wake
and carefully worded
for friends and loved ones.


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