Care Givers

The first thing about people
who work with the institutionalized
elderly, it that they have a
grim sense of humor.
My aunt
once describe an average
night shift in a home, to be
smooth, quiet, and simple
checking if the old timers
are still breathing.
They have
learned to sing, dance, do
stand-up comedy, mostly
the slapstick kind, so that
the patient could have a little
more reason to take
another meal, another medication.
None of them thought,
that halls of weak and aged
bodies could contain so much
laughter, flirting, and the
occasional violence.
A job
requirement is suppressing
paradoxes that haunt your sleep,
like how could children
neglect, [or abandon, or any
harsher word, in dozens of
mother tongues,]  their parents to
total strangers,
but then again,
if they didn’t, care
givers wouldn’t
be able to provide for their own
children, parents, relatives, friends,
Don’t worry,
things never reach philosophical
levels, like is a longer life a better life?
or how can one suffer dimentia, if one has dimentia?
They would rather rest,
since you are not paid to
contemplate in the global
flow or care.

who would like to hear stories
of nannies?



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