Shores of Miag-ao

Seated on the sand, facing the sea,
lights from the fishing boats
appear like stars
making it hard to tell where
the water ends and sky begins
and with every wave as if
the night reaches for our toes.
It was fascinating even
without beer in our veins.

I spent four years in that town
but this moment gives off
the most warmth in my
now longer February nights.


On Canadian Winter

The climate already gave
birth to dozens of stereotypes
both dubious and legitimate-
worship of hockey,
cold resistant skin,
Spartans of the snow Olympics,
so on and so on.

But winter remains to
be an Event-
object of discussion
and dread,
remarks about heartless
cold are the convenient
sequel to
‘how are you?’
in chance meetings.

Maybe it’s
because of the
amount of whiteness in
every moment,
maybe it’s
the lengthening of
the already long nights,
maybe it’s
the cautious steps
to be taken on the streets,
maybe it’s
the pitch of the
winds that penetrate
numb ears,
maybe it’s
because people
are born naked
and the layers of clothing
is suffocating,
maybe it’s
because people are
never meant to
stay indoors,  
maybe it’s
the nostalgia it fuels
especially for those,
including yours truly,
who are experiencing
it for
the first time.